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November 15, 2023

The XI Congress of Financiers of Kazakhstan was held on 15th November 2023, in Almaty. The event was organized by the Association of financiers of Kazakhstan with the support of the national Bank of Kazakhstan and the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market.

The 30th anniversary of the national currency - is a significant date, the Head of State congratulated financial workers and people of Kazakhstan. The welcoming address on behalf of the head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was read by Timur Suleimenov, the Chairman of the National Bank. At the panel sessions of the Congress, heads of foreign central banks and financial institutions, representatives of Kazakh government bodies and financial organizations discussed current issues of macroeconomic policy and the financial sector.  

The Banking Ombudsman Darkhan Nurpeissov is also spoken at one of the plenary sessions, who told about the role, powers, principles and legal basis for the functioning of the institution of the Banking Ombudsman.

The new challenges and problems are requiring expansion of the competence of the Banking Ombudsman, caused by an increase in requests for consumer lending and the quality of presentation of banking products, were also considered.

The benefits of expanding the competence of the Banking Ombudsman for consumers of financial services and the financial sector are considered, its impact on reducing the burden on both the regulator and the judiciary.

The importance of maintaining the independence of the Banking Ombudsman from government regulatory authorities and the financial sector was especially noted, in order to maintain impartiality and equality of parties, when considering appeals from consumers of financial services.

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