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September 02, 2022

On September 2, 2022, a large-scale conference for the financial and IT market ‘FCBK: Persona Non Data’ was held in the building of the new Almaty Theater in Almaty.

FCBK conferences annually have been held since 2016 and bring together more than 1,000 market participants to exchange views on the most relevant cases and trends. This year, everyone gathered to discuss issues in the field of data management and regulation. Therefore, the conference is symbolically called FCBK: Persona Non Data.

Speakers were invited from the public and private sectors, such as the Ministry of Digital Development, the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the regulation and development of the financial market, the Bureau of National Statistics, NJSC ‘Government for Citizens’, as well as representatives of business and the quasi-public sector – Kcell, PKB and Magnum Cash & Carry.

David Birch, a consultant in the field of digital services, digital identity and electronic money, spoke at the international experience session. David is known as the author of one of the popular blogs in the field of IT and finance, a visionary and a global ambassador for secure electronic payments.

Speakers from the CIS, people in Kazakhstan companies with international experience in working with data also spoke. A representative of the Almaty City Akimat spoke about Singapore’s experience in organizing ECD.

There was an exhibition of solutions for the financial market within the framework of the conference. The participants are companies that provide services from payment systems to a big data cloud storage. The exhibition features UniHub (digital collector), JetPay.kz (payment provider), VMW (Multi-cloud service provider for all applications), Comportal (distributor of well-known vendor products), Qlik (analytics platform), PCB and many others business solutions.

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