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April 03, 2023

On March 27,29 and 31, 2023, the Banking ombudsman took part in the project of the Commission on the rights of people with disabilities named by K.Imangaliyeva at the ‘Ten Qogam’ Centers for supporting persons with disabilities to improve Financial literacy.

Financial literacy – is one of the key skills, that every person needs to effectively manage their finances. Unfortunately, many people do not have sufficient financial literacy, which leads to many problems, such as loan arrears, problems with pensions, etc.

The main purpose of such lectures is to help people understand, how they can use their money most efficiently and, where they can turn, if they have problems servicing a loan. Explanations are given on various aspects of financial planning, how to choose the right loan, how to reduce costs, etc., as well as how to choose the right financial products and services, and how to avoid financial problems.

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