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April 24, 2023

On April 24, 2023, an international round table was held within the walls of TURAN UNIVERSITY on the topic ‘Business, government and education: innovations in action’.

The Banking ombudsman made a presentation on theme ‘Pre-trial protection of consumers of financial services’ within the framework of the round table.

The topic of the report was relevant. It is noted that innovations are a key factor in the development of modern society. Business, government and education are the three most important sectors that interact and enrich each other in the process of creating and implementing innovations.

Protecting the rights of financial consumers is also an important aspect of innovation in business, government and education. Innovation in these sectors can be directed towards creating new financial products and services, improving the quality of existing ones, and increasing the transparency, security and accessibility of financial services for consumers. At the same time, education also plays an important role in protecting the rights of financial consumers. It can be focused on training specialists who will be involved in the development and implementation of innovations in the financial sector, taking into account the protection of consumer interests. This may include training students in financial literacy, the rules for working with financial products, as well as the basics of consumer protection in the financial sector. Educational programs may also include training entrepreneurs and employees of financial companies about the need to comply with the law, ethics and best practices regarding consumer protection.

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